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The Benefits of International Space Station

One of the greatest things ever achieved by scientist is international space station. in the pat it was only popular in scientist fiction stories. many people are nowadays aware about international play station. It is on the news that we get to hear about it when people are sent up there. In most cases, we don’t get the details of what the astronauts go to do in the space. There are a variety of things that scientist go to do in the space.

Water purification is one of the things done in the space. It is important to drink clean water for the sake of your health. Some people do not have access to safe water for drinking, not everybody is capable of accessing clean water for drinking. With the work being done in the space station, a number of people are now going to get access to clean water. Most international water aid agencies design again the technologies that were meant to be used in the space and are now using them on earth. Water purification technology is well known across the globe.

Proteins are essential components of nature and can be of benefit to us if we manage them well. The space makes a good environment for the growth of proteins and learning more about a variety of them. Due to the decrease in the level of gravity in space, it makes the perfect environment for manufacturing protein crystals. The protein crystals manufactured up there would be used for a variety of medical treatments in the near future. The treatment of muscular dystrophy is one of the experiments that is becoming successful due to the use of protein crystals.

One of the challenges that astronauts face while in space is limited space. To deal with the space issue, the number of machines used in space has to be reduced and the available space used in the most effective way. The initially built medical equipment by scientist in the space have been transferred to various parts of the world for medical treatment. Remote arrears have benefited from this technology because they now have proper health care machines around them.

To effectively deal with a national disaster, you have to get prepared before they occur. When a quick action is taken, several lives would be saved. One of the greatest functions of international space station is to help the scientist predict the kind of natural disaster that might just happen. This is because it is capable of capturing a large percentage of the highly populated areas on earth. Apart from knowing the national disaster that is likely to occur, international space station can also help us know how best to prevent the disasters from happening.